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Mission Statement:


Our mission is simple: To provide the best products and service to our customers . We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. Our online shoppe is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our products and for secure and safe checkout with our SSL certified protection and on a certified domain.

We love all things Mystikal and that is our main focal point here at our shoppe , however we have a lot of clients who have specific interests so we try to accommodate them as well and you can find those items listed accordingly..

We like to feature original creative arts of all shapes and sizes, if we can find creators who are willing to follow our shipping policy, so if you are interested in being featured on my shoppe send me some info about your products and pricing ...

We also like to add services from all around so if you have a service or a company that you would like to be added here on our affiliate page, please send contact info, web site, business name and pictures and prices and we will add your company free of charge.. Word of mouth has gone along way and we believe in paying it forward, :)

**Forms of payment accepted: M/C, Visa, Discover , American Express,  sorry NO COD!

For some of our clientele ( who cannot have an item shipped to their state only ) we offer a, Print and Call option, which gives you the option to not place the order online with a credit card but through the office . with mailing a USA Postal Money Order made out to Kathi Stephens: and under" Payment for Account" add "MystikMaMa's Emporium" . And I will make shipping arrangements separate from whats offered here. please inquire further for more information.

As a mufti-business entrepreneur time is limited as I am always on the go and try to keep busy but my clients ALWAYS come first if I can accommodate!

Be sure to sign up for our newsletter and email marketing to be the first to hear about new products and special offers!.

As we cater to our clients if you do not find what you seek please let me know as I might offer it but may not be listed yet and if I don't I will try to find where I can get it or where I can direct you to it.

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience here at our shoppe and if you are pleased then we would love it if you would tell your friends about us.

We offer a free shipping and handling for your convenience but we do have a $ 20.00 Minimum Order..sorry for any inconvenience the minimum order may cause lol inflation sucks, but as small businesses we all have to concede to the greater masses.

*****Double Edged Knives & Athame's are disallowed shipment into Massachusetts and California because they are illegal to sell or ship there, however please contact me for your options if so desiring one*****

All other swords and knives have no shipping restrictions and may be shipped anywhere in the USA.

**We sell a lot of homemade  handcrafted items and as such will take longer for shipment but we will notify you once orders are shipped~ Please read descriptions carefully.

**Please be advised that your orders may come in separate packages, as i use many distributors in my shoppe. For that reason shipping cost are free in the USA, for outside the USA please contact me for shipping costs, Thank You

In the event you are, shipped the wrong item, as we are all human and on occasions mistakes can be made , we hope this will never happen, however if it does please notify me immediately and if possible and you can take a picture to the item to add in your response of items received, I will immediately let my supplier know of this issue and your item shall be corrected, as said we hope this NEVER happens but I just wanted to cover this just as a precaution. Once our supplier has been informed you will be notified of the next step in the process as far as a return if necessary.

Thank you for visiting us and enjoy your day/night and blessed be~

"Know Thy Author"

Kathi Stephens

Store Owner/Priestess

Well, if you cannot tell, i love fantasy and mystery and as an amateur photographer i believe in all the worlds natural beauty and wonder. And personally i love fairies and angels and all the world's mystikal make believe, myths, legends and lore. So its no wonder that i would try to create "The Worlds Mystikal Marketplace" by no other than MystikMaMa herself lol :-) I hope you enjoy your adventures in life as well as your surfing time here and blessed be~

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